The Doctor Will See You Now

The Doctor Will See You Now

I’m sitting in a modestly decorated, but not completely outdated waiting room. Waiting. The smell of antiseptic and sounds of the latest trends in fashion from some talk show on TV are the only sounds in the room. Unless you count the hacking cough from the guy in the back corner. But it’s not like I have nothing to do. A stack of papers bound to a clipboard sits in my lap. I am required to fill out the “new patient packet” before I see the doctor. But I am struggling to answer some of these questions. Past medical history, injuries and age? How am I supposed to remember this stuff? And what in the world is HIPAA anyway? I thumb through the stack. 17 pages! Jeez!

*sigh. Ok. Let’s see. Bleeding gums, no. Ringing in the ears, no. Palpitations, no. Difficulty swallowing, no. Varicose veins, no. Headaches…does filling out this packet count? Wheezing, no. Leg cramps, no.

I finally finish. Oddly enough, as soon as I’m done they call my name. I wonder if they were watching me. As they walk me back into the maze of offices I begin to think. They sure asked me a lot of questions when it should be the other way around. How do I know this doctor is qualified to treat me?

“Hey doc. Got some questions for ya.”

What kind of grades did you get in med school? Do you have any experience with my type of case? Are you a “fix everything with drugs” kind of doc, or are you the holistic type? But most importantly, why should I put my health in your hands?

This kind of summed up the very first visit to my doctor. I had never had a family physician before and I was really nervous. I had no idea what to expect. I had gotten her name as a recommendation from someone else, but that’s about it, and the only reason I was there was because I had gotten to the point of desperation.

I needed a doctor.

Like I said, I didn’t know what to expect, but what I got wasn’t quite what I expected. That ever happen to you? You go in thinking you have no expectations, but come out experiencing something you never expected! Isn’t that proof that you really did have expectations after all?

I go in to the examination room and a nurse comes in and takes my blood pressure and asks me more questions, and I’m wondering if I am ever going to actually get to see this doctor chick! Then the nurse leaves. And I sit there. Waiting. Again. Eventually, the doctor finally comes in. We start talking, and after about 5 minutes, guess what?

I LOVE her!

She is warm, kind, she listens to everything I have to say, she gives me amazing advice, she actually examines me and treats me. She takes her time with me, I don’t feel like a number, being pushed along so she can get to her next patient. She makes me feel like I matter to her.

That was 10 years ago. She is still my doctor.

Questions on the table for you:

Is the one who came to seek and save the lost qualified to be King? Your King?
Do you have the right expectations of the King and what it means to engage the business of the kingdom?

Lots of people don’t believe Jesus is qualified to be their King. How about you? Does He have to have a certain grade on a test somewhere before you’ll allow Him to be Lord? It’s one thing to believe in God, it’s another to have Jesus be the boss of your life.

This is Passion Week. The week before Easter. The week when Jesus made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Has he had a triumphal entry into your life? Are you engaging in the kingdom in an active manner – in such a way that leads others to believe that Jesus is qualified?

And what about your expectations? What do you expect from your life. Is it possible that Jesus is qualified to be your King, our King, but our expectations are so misaligned we have missed what we are to be doing with the kingdom He has entrusted us with? Have we become too self-focused, too self-centered?

The gospel had been entrusted to the Jewish people; they were supposed to be engaged in the business of the kingdom but they had become so self-centered that they missed Jesus altogether. The people were expecting Jesus to set up a physical kingdom – a political powerhouse – but Jesus was coming to establish a spiritual kingdom. They expected Jesus to change their position in the culture but Jesus came to change their position before God.

Freedom in Christ is not about getting privileges. It’s not about getting position and power. God wants position and power in your heart! Christ came to bring us peace, and when our expectations are aligned with the expectations of God, our hearts will be at peace.

Do you have misaligned expectations? We should not be waiting to “get ours.”

We already have it! Oh my friends! We have amazing redemption, matchless grace, and incomparable freedom from our almighty God! We just need to live it!

What do you expect from Jesus? To change things around you or to change you?

We need to get beyond expectations. Because God can blow those out of the water. He can bring about things in your life that you never expected…things completely UNexpected! He will never make you feel like a number. He is warm. He is kind. He is amazingly patient, and His unconditional love knows no bounds! You will always matter to Him.

But more importantly, you can forever entrust your life in His hands.



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