Serving at Harvest

Serving Opportunities at Harvest

We are so thankful for the many volunteers that help serve throughout the week at Harvest!

There are a lot of opportunities to serve around Harvest, from the parking lot team to media and everything in between, we want to help find a place for you to get plugged in. Here are just a few ministry and serving opportunities around.

Preschool & Kids Ministry:

We believe the investment in kids is a big deal! We are looking for the BEST people to serve in Venture Kids. Needed positions: Small Group Leader, Host, Storyteller, Worship Team, Tech, Hallway Host, Large Group Producer, Decorations, Supply Prep, Check-in, Coaches, and more!

Student Ministry:

Student Ministry matters because, for many, it is at this time of life where faith becomes active and Jesus becomes more than a name in a book. We’re looking for small group leaders, hospitality and first-impression teams, creative teams, event teams, and worship service teams.

Community Group:

We believe that ‘Circles and Better Than Rows’ and that life change happens most effectively in the context of 10-15 people who want God’s best for their life and yours. Whether you’re planning to host or lead a Group, we will train you, equip you, and partner you with others Group Leaders to bolster your confidence and give you the tools you need to make a real connection with your new Community Group!

Guest Services:

The Guest Services Community exists so that the Gospel can be not only heard but experienced. At Venture Church, we create environments so we can demonstrate the same love that Christ has for us to everyone who comes on our campus. These ministry areas include parking, greeters, cafe team, and ushers.


The Creative Team of Venture Church is compiled of 5 different areas. If you feel as though you have a passion to work in any of the following areas, this is a great opportunity to join the team. Media, Tech, Experience Team, Band, and Worship Leading.

Launch Support Team:

Launch support will mainly be assisting the Mobilization Department with data entry. This core team of people will need to be organized and detail oriented. They will be working on data entry because without accurate data, we will never be able to reach our goals. Most of this team will be able to help our church launch from the comfort of their own living rooms.

Prayer Launch Team:

We understand that every great move of God begins with and is sustained by prayer. We also understand that sometimes people just need to be taught how to approach The Lord in prayer. This Team is committed to pressing into God’s presence in prayer, seeking God’s favor for this church body, and asking The Lord to use us to reach the world with the message of The Gospel as we join Him on missions.

These are just a sample of the opportunities to serve in and around Harvest. Let us know you are interested and we can help connect you.

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