How will you be remembered?

How will you be remembered?

This past week my husband and I attended the visitation of the passing of a gentleman I never knew. But my husband did. This gentleman and his family lived just a couple of houses down from my husband when he was in high school and he was friends with this man’s children. He talked about how kind this man was. How he would always be in his garage working on his car and how he loved to just go over and talk to him. This family seemed to provide a stability that was absent at my love’s house.

When we got to the funeral home, we were met by the gentleman’s son and immediately recognition was made and he and my husband just started chatting and talking and remembering old times! Of course the subject turned to this man’s father and how much of an impact he had made on the lives he had touched, the kind of man he was, and how he would do just about anything for anybody.

At the time of this writing, Mrs. Barbara Bush, wife of president George H.W. Bush and former first lady also passed away this week. They called her a “Champion of Literacy” and an admired public figure. I read an article written by former Secret Serviceman Jonathan Wackrow, who had several encounters with her. He says, “The United States Secret Service code name for Barbara Bush was ‘Tranquility.’ It exemplified her demeanor and its calming, humanizing and gentle effect on those around her. She will be forever missed.”

This got me thinking.

What will I be remembered for? What will people say at my funeral? Have you ever stopped to think about that? When you have passed and have gone from this world, what will people say about your life? What will you be remembered for?

Let me ask it another way. Have you lived your life in such a way that others will remember it?

This kind of blew me away when I let it sink in.

I think there are two kinds of people.

Those that look in the mirror and tend to see failure. And those that look in the mirror and tend to see success. Because I think I’m part of the first group, I feel like I haven’t lived a memorable life. That my “impact” has been minimal. And this has convicted me.

We have been invited to go on a daring journey with Jesus. But not as spectators.

Going on this venture with Jesus requires action. It’s about representing God as we go and do life, each and every day…encountering people, interacting, speaking, loving. It’s about becoming a fisher of men. So, if I’m going to be intentional with my life, with being a fisher of men, how does that look as I’m driving through a crowded parking lot? As I’m buying my groceries? As I’m talking to a teenager? My co-worker? What does it look like when I’m eating dinner at a restaurant and the wait staff is ignoring me? What about my neighbors? What does that look like in my neighborhood?

How will you be remembered?

I know how I want to be remembered.

I want to be remembered as someone who exchanged her kingdom for God’s Kingdom! That I paid more attention to where God was leading than always dwelling on the past. That I was the best possible representative of God before the crowd. That I was obedient to the forward progress that God had asked me to take. That I had a sense of wonder and astonishment. And that I was focused on the mission, not the blessing.

 This is my prayer.

So that when I look in the mirror, I don’t see the bad. I don’t even see the good.

I see Jesus.


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