Did You Attend the Event?

If you attended the event and need to fill out the forms click the forms link below.

If you missed the event, scroll down!

Did You Miss It?

Were you not able to be at the Count Me In event? Watch this video below to see what you missed and what you need to do now.

Have attended NEXT STEPS!

If you have been through our three week “Next Steps” partnership class and filled out either the paper copy assessments or online assessments, you are good to go! Go here to find out where you can plug in and help us launch!

Have attended ANY previous membership process

If you have been through ANY previous membership process with Harvest Church, please fill out the forms.

Forms are due May 28.

Have NEVER  attended  a membership process

If you have NEVER been through any membership/partnership process with Harvest Church, please fill out the forms and a coach will be reaching out after submission.

Forms are due May 28.