Community Groups

Circles are better than rows


Circles are better than rows.

That’s a simple statement with a profound meaning. You were created to live life in a circle – a community of people who love you, support you, want the best for you, and encourage you to be a more committed disciple of Christ. As incredible as our Sunday morning service is, sitting in a row on Sunday morning will only take you so far.

We believe life is better connected, so that’s what our Community Groups are all about: providing a place for you to connect, be discipled, and to serve together.

Let us help you find a group.

We have groups that meet every day of the week, in the morning, in the evening, and all around the area. We know finding a group can be hard and a little intimidating, so let us help! To start, simply fill out the form below and based on the information you give us, we will contact you with a few ideas for what Community Group might be a good fit.

That’s it! You will be contacted by a Group Leader within 48 hours with all the info you need about your Group!