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Community Groups meet throughout the week on the Harvest Campus and in area homes, businesses, and restaurants.
Contact Information: 
Roger Walls
(817) 485-2703
Circles are better than rows.

Circles are better than rows.

That’s a simple statement with a profound meaning.  You were created to live life in a circle, a community of people who love you, support you, want the best for you, and encourage you to be a more committed disciple of Christ.  As incredible as our Sunday morning service is, sitting in a row on Sunday morning will only take you so far.

We believe life is better connected, so that’s what our Community Groups are all about: providing a place for you to connect, be discipled, and to serve together.

It only takes 3 simple steps to get things started.

  1. To start, find the community landmark that is most convenient to you …
  2. Click the map of that community landmark to see the list of Groups meeting within that area
  3. Select a Group that seems like a fit, click the provided link, and complete the form. 

That’s it!  You will be contacted by a Group Leader within 72 hours with all the info you need about your Group!


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