Birthday Gift for Christ

What is Birthday Gift for Christ?

BIRTHDAY GIFT FOR CHRIST is a spiritual and impactful event every year for the Harvest Church family. During a season when countless gifts are being bought and exchanged, each family at Harvest commits to giving Christ their FIRST and BEST monetary GIFT.

What is it for?

This is a great opportunity to sacrificially go above your regular tithe to honor and support what God is doing through His local church. This year’s gift will be used directly to support our current partners in Moldova and Costa Rica as they continue to effectively carry the gospel to their local communities. We will also set aside a portion to support new local and international partnerships.

How can I help?

After you have taken a gift box (available on Sundays), prayerfully consider what your “first and best gift” for Christ will be. Once you are ready to give your gift, you can return it in the box during any service in December. Each service we will have a special worship moment when you and your family can give your Birthday Gift for Christ.

You can also give online by clicking the button below and select “Birthday Gift for Christ” from the drop-down menu.